Sarod & Sitar duo charms audiences


ALTERNATE FAITH also welcomes Sarod player David Strodoff who recently  joined the band on stage at one of their BORDERS in store performances. This was the first of many planned guest appearances by David, who performed several Sarod/Sitar duos with FAITH. This was a great treat for the audience who seemed ultimately pleased. 


"I had a great time! David has a great sense of improvisation and was right there with me, musically, the whole time. We could do anything, go anywhere, intertwine our spontaneous melodies as though we were one. The vocal chants sounded wonderful on top of the Sarod, which has a rich and somewhat nostalgic sound. Very haunting. I can't wait to do it again!" comments Faith.

David is one of many fine musicians who will be invited to join ALTERNATE FAITH acoustic performances at BORDERS in 2003.


The new faces of ALTERNATE FAITH


Several new musicians will be uniting talent with ALTERNATE FAITH this year and joining the acoustic tour. 

"I am very honored to share the stage with wonderful world musicians this year. It is always a great thing when you expand your horizons. The improvisations we do are very musically stimulating and will surely lead to creative growth for all of us." comments Faith.

Didgeridoo, water bowls, flute, sarod, tabla are but a few of the exciting additions that have been made. 

"The audience is so into it I feel very encouraged about making some pretty daring arrangement decisions, such as bringing together the Sitar and the didgeridoo on several new pieces. We have been selling a lot of CDs at our shows, which is always a good indication of how much people like your music".

To find out where you can catch one of ALTERNATE FAITH's live performances, click here


ALTERNATE FAITH kicks off their BORDERS 2002 acoustic tour

Westwood - LA

After having spent the past two years mostly in the studio completing their second album "Broken", the band is really excited about playing live again. 2002 will be a live year for ALTERNATE FAITH, with in store acoustic performances scheduled at most BORDERS BOOKS AND MUSIC stores located in Southern California. Other live shows will be scheduled in the Greater Los Angeles area, for more info see the "live show" page. 

New: Now you can print a flyer for our next performance right off this website. Goto "Live shows" and click on "Flyer". 


a new recording studio for ALTERNATE FAITH 


Alternate Faith has been very busy this year with the recording of 11 new songs. After setting up her own studio, Faith was back in the producer’s seat to record a brand new body of works incorporating the sitar, tabla, mandolin, windcatcher, and other world intruments.

“This is not my first time producing, but it is my first time engineering 100%. Hil, who is a veteran of recording and producing has been giving me the support I need and I have learned a lot from him. He and I are both very pleased with the results!” says Faith.

The 72 track recording facility includes state of the art computer based technology and is conveniently located at band leader’s home.

“I know that most musicians gets dazzled by big recording studios, but I have never liked them. They are cold, clinical and not conducive to capturing the essence of music like mine, which is very intimate and personal. I have recorded at quite a few big studios and I did not enjoy it. Rates are high and you keep hearing that clock ticking in your head. Every tick is a few dollars less in your already tight budget! The pressure is enormous and you always end up rushing to finish by the deadline. With my own studio I can now take as much time as I please to craft, fine tune, perfect each track. It is intimate, I feel at home, heck I AM at home!! And I can be myself completely and without holding back. The result is a much better vocal performance, more passion, and tracks that literally slam. Every little details falls into place because I can afford to spend the necessary time to make it sound just like I was hearing it in my head. I ended up creating a lot of new super cool parts for many of the songs. Everybody in the band is excited about the new studio and the way the songs are coming out. As for me, the complete freedom of expression and the total control over my music is the best thing that has happened to me since learning how to play guitar at age 6!! Now I don’t have to depend on anyone else but myself to record my music and that is truly a blessing.”



ALTERNATE FAITH raises funds for the homeless


Alternate Faith helped raise money and shoes for the homeless by headlining a benefit concert in Santa Monica. The band did and acoustic performance of their new material and songs such as “Dear God” and “Reach Out” seemed to truly touch the audience. Many homeless people will be walking in new shoes this winter thanks to the efforts of all involved, including the band.

“Maybe a shoe doesn’t seem like much, but if you saw how much of a difference it can make for a homeless person, you would realize that a shoe indeed can be a big step in the right direction.” says Faith. “Life is not about taking, it really is about giving and caring for others. It’s about reaching out and helping any way we can, everyday, making a difference one little gesture at a time, one kind word at a time, one little shoe at a time... ”

Alternate Faith aims to participate in many other benefit concerts in the future. If you are planning a benefit for a worthy cause, and would like help from Alternate Faith, please email us.